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Energy Manipulation Techniques Anyone Can Do


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What Is Energy Manipulation?

Energy manipulation is the process in which someone consciously chooses to altar their vibration frequency in order to heal, over come, manifest, to transmute other situations energetically. 

Below are some methods of energy manipulation, you might even already be manipulating energy and not even realize it. 


Meditation can manipulate the Subtle Energy of the body by physically encouraging the body to be still and calm. The body and the mind love to mirror each other, so what is happening in the one is going to reflect in the other. If the body is physically calm and still the mind will follow. If the body is stressed and unable to be calm than mindfulness of breath to start the meditation practice can encourage the body to do the same. Meditation has been scientifically proven to create a state of calm in both the mind and the body. There are so many ways to meditate that is truly a customizable and limitless practice. This is wonderful because not everyone is the kind of person that can sit cross-legged chanting and humming OM. Meditation can be used practically, and as needed, when the world is just a little bit too much or when some clarity is needed. It can also be used daily to maintain balance, calmness etc. either way it is used, this energy movement technique can be preventative as well as reversing to things like stress, anxiety, depression etc. I highly recommend using this technique as often as you’d like. This is such a vast topic with so much to cover that for more in-depth information you should check out my post on meditation. There are so many websites dedicated to meditation but here is a good one that breaks it all down.


Yoga moves energy in the body by physically causing the body to move. This movement breaks up the stagnant energy that pools in the body and recharges those areas through the movement. How could this work? Well it is similar to a car battery; Running a car also charges the battery. Stretching the muscles warms them up, moves them, works them and also recharges and rests them. Using the car battery analogy, it is important to remember that even when the body is sore, tired and weak that the energy movement technique yoga can reset and recharge the energy of the body as well as clear any stagnant energy that may be in the body. Yoga is very versatile and anyone at any flexibility level can do it. I always remind people a few things about Yoga. 1. Going through the motions is literally doing Yoga  2. Flexibility is a side effect of yoga, not the goal and 3. You don’t have to subscribe to the Yoga cult. Meaning you don’t have to take classes weekly, buy a fancy mat, or wear stretchy pants. Yoga is about connecting to the body and getting the brain to be more aware of the way that your body moves. Stretching is vital to the health and strength of muscles and Yoga is a wonderful structured way to that. Yoga is a prescription medicine I take every day and because of the passion I have for this technique check out my post on Yoga and stay tuned for Yoga with the Witch Doctor Videos. There are countless sites dedicated to yoga, but here is one that breaks down the science and the art.


Reiki is becoming more and more popular in the United States, but it is something that has been practiced in its origin nation of Japan for thousands of years. This is an energy movement technique that manipulates the Subtle Energy of the body without even touching the body. A practitioner taps into the infinite energy of the universe and focuses that energy onto their patient encasing them in a ball of refreshing and focused energy. Reiki treatments feel wonderful, as if you are being held in a warm hug and a wonderful radiance flowing through and around you. This energy affects every part of the patient; body, mind, emotions, and spirit so the benefits of it are far-reaching but everyone always feels an immediate sense of relaxation, feeling of peace, security and overall well being. Reiki can be done by both actually touching the body and by hovering over the body making this technique especially effective for people in intense physical pain; like fibromyalgia patients.  One of the coolest things about Reiki and it’s causing Qigong is that to learn the technique one must have these techniques done on them and to perfect the technique they are required to do them to themselves. This helps students of both disciplines really learn and understand how to work this energy effectively making them better practitioners on other people. Reiki has been known to produce some amazing results and for more information on these results and on Reiki in general, check out my post on it. If you’re dying to know more than check out this article:


This is actually a breathing technique that is used in doing Tai Chi, but the results of the breathing technique are the real qigong magic. Doing the breathing technique immediately resets the energy of the body and provides an intense energy reboot within seconds. This breathing style can be used solo or the energy that is generated from the breathing technique can be channeled into a patient in a similar fashion to Reiki. Qigong breathing and meditation techniques are one of my favorite prescriptions to take and I use it throughout the day as often as I feel I need to. I personally use Qigong energy movement in manipulating the body energy of my clients in my healing practice with some incredible results. Qigong energy movement techniques can be used to align the energy meridians of the body by removing stagnant and pooled energy. It can also be used in a massage technique to remove stagnant or pooled energy that has caused disease, illness or chronic pain. It can be used in addition to acupuncture needles to send pulses of energy deep into the body. I do both the massage and energy meridian techniques in my practice.

Qigong breathing is very easy to do and harnessing the energy generated and using it to manipulate the energy of your body is just as easy to learn. It is using that harnessed energy to manipulate the body energy of others that is much more difficult to do. Qigong is my favorite energy movement technique and my personal passion as well as my specialty so make sure that you read my detailed post on the subject. If you are interested in learning more, start here:

Quantum Touch:

This new kid on the block energy movement technique is a combination of the disciplines of Reiki and Qigong as well as peppering in some techniques from other traditional medicine techniques. This technique has been shown to provide the same wonderful results it’s parent modalities do, but it does not require the same dedication to the practice that the others do. There is a certain level of training that a student of both Reiki and Qigong must go through before they are ready to practice on other people. This training teaches aspects of the technique that can only be understood through feeling the energy exchange. It also teaches dedication to oneself and the patient so that each party’s energy is respected and protected. I have no doubt that Quantum Touch is a substantial energy movement technique, but I do have an issue that it does not require the depth of training and discipline that the others do. Often times the approach of Quantum Touch is a little more renegade than other techniques because it boasts that the practitioner will not be drained after working on a patient. But this is why the discipline and training level in the other techniques is so necessary. As an energy movement practitioner myself I have always felt the energy that is revitalizing my patient revitalizing me too. I have never felt drained by my patients or unable to reset my own energy. There is a reason for proper training and discipline and i personally believe that is should be respected, especially when the training process has been the same for over a thousand years. To learn more about Quantum Touch, check out their official website:


This is a commonly known energy movement technique, but it is something that many people are intimidated to try. I personally can attest that acupuncture is a medicine that is incredibly potent and effect in treating a wide variety of issues. This works by shooting energy into the body via very long, thin, sharp needles. It does not hurt having them put in or taken out and when they are in the body it does not hurt. In fact you can barely feel them! There is only a light tapping sensation where the needle has been inserted. If you have any tattoos or piercings, then acupuncture will be a snap for you to sit through. Sessions are not long (about 25 min) and not expensive. Acupuncture has been a legit healing modality for literally 4,000 years and has some amazing results.  I highly recommend it. For more about this amazing healing technique check out this article:


Mantras are quotes and sayings that inspire and remind us of certain energies. They can keep us on track with our goals and areas of ourselves that need extra attention. Mantras often inspire a feeling of awareness of ourselves and encourage us to remember our true selves, the healing we have gone through, the things we are still working on and can remind us of how to interact with ourselves and others. Mantras can be nearly any combination of words from any source that inspire you. That’s right, the lyrics of your favorite song, be it rap, or be it country are perfectly acceptable mantra origins. Pieces of poetry, words from friends and other literature are all acceptable places to take a mantra from. You are welcome to have more than one and it is common that they are repeated daily, weekly or when someone needs a reminder of how to interpret events or energies. Mantras are often posted or written in places where they can be seen daily as a reminder. Putting these mantras in places where will be seen ensures that they will be used and their magic can be felt and utilized. For a list of powerful and popular mantras and details on using them the most effectively check out my post on Mantras. In the meantime here is a wonderful post on mantras and their power:


Similar to Mantras these are quotes and phrases that inspire and remind us of certain energies, but there is a major difference as to their use and the nature of the quotes. Affirmations are mantras that are specifically designed to help change or redirect our thinking. Affirmations are the positive words and phrases that we use to replace the negative or limiting words that we use in talking about ourselves, our skills, and our wants. Affirmations are statements that are always present tense, meaning that they speak of the now and they are said with conviction and confidence. Even if the user of this technique does not fully believe the positive things they are saying about themselves, the act of saying these things is designed to help the user over time change the way they think about themselves by changing the way they talk about themselves. Affirmations work wonders and can be used at any point of the day during any activity. I personally use affirmations on myself when I feel that I am not being kind to myself, when I need to reassure myself or when I am having normal doubts about something. It is very natural and normal to have times where you are not feeling your best, brightest, or most confident version of yourself and affirmations are a great way to change that.

For a little more on the science and practice of affirmations read this article:

Tai chi:

This is an energy movement technique similar to yoga, but it is not about the poses or even being very flexible. Tai chi is about grabbing onto and harnessing the energy inside and around you. The movements of Tai chi are what causes the energy to move. It is a wonderful workout and even though it looks like a calm activity, trust me, you will be dripping in sweat the first couple times you do it. It is a low impact activity so it is popular among the elderly for maintaining healthy and limber bodies and promotes graceful aging.There are classes in many major cities and thousands of videos online available for someone interested in this technique, just find which one works for you.

Here are 10 beginning Tai Chi moves in a simple and easy to follow free video.


This is more than just writing down what has happened during the day or the week. It is even more than writing down how those things make you feel. Journaling is a structured way to explore and examine our feelings. There are several ways to use journaling as an energy movement technique. One of them is by using set prompts before you start journaling. I personally use the following format of questions as my prompt. Events of the Day, who, where, what, when? How they made me feel. This is a space where one can express themselves however they see fit. It is a private conversation with yourself and no one else is going to read it. These private thoughts written on paper is a great way to check yourself to see where you are at mentally, emotionally, physically and most importantly, how you interact with the world. The words we put in our journals are reflections of how we talk about ourselves and how we talk about ourselves is how we interpret the things that happen to us. If meditation is not your thing or you feel yourself drowning in your thoughts then i highly recommend writing them down and making a habit of it.

For more on the science and ways to structure your journaling check out this post:

Talk Therapy:

Traditional talk therapy is something i think every adult world-wide should do at one point or another. Life is traumatic and sometimes we all need someone to just listen. Talk therapy is so much more than just someone listening to your whine about your life and it is certainly not someone with a clipboard listing off diagnosis for mental problems. Talk therapy is like journaling only this person is here to ask the questions that get you thinking about yourself and your situation differently. They get the gears turning as to seeing the problems differently. They empower their clients to empower themselves and they suggest techniques or thought processes that encourage deeper self discovery. The coping tools that therapists provide in terms of dealing with anxiety and depression are literal life savers and act as valuable tools to learn to master yourself.

To find a therapist or counselor near you check out this wonderful directory:

Structured Energy Release: Aka “Throwing A Grown Up Tantrum”:

Sometimes kids just lose it. They are tired, they are stressed, they don’t understand what is happening or they aren’t getting their way. Sometimes adults lose it too, and not ironically for the same reasons. No matter the age, these freak-outs are called temper tantrums. There is nothing wrong with feeling any of the above. It is super normal to feel that way from time to time. It is also normal to have them so overwhelming that one cannot escape the urge to freak out and scream. As adults we are taught that this behavior is unacceptable, but for those of us with crippling anxiety or depression these temper tantrums are sometimes unavoidable. My personal stance is that while these uncontrolled freak-outs are not acceptable, structuring them is. A structured Temper tantrum is when you can feel these feelings welling up inside and releasing them before they erupt all over the place. This is going to a quiet place and allowing oneself to cry or going to your room and screaming into a pillow. You can take this further if you need to by writing around on the floor, tossing blankets, beating your mattress with a stick or bat, punching pillows or generally just jumping up and down yelling. This will feel and look a little insane at first, but trust me, this will alleviate the intense feelings your body is wanting to get out. 9 times out of 10 the feeling goes away completely and there is a great sense of euphoric relief that follows. Release your emotions with structure, don’t just let them explode all over the place. It will feel better in the long run. For a study on the science of screaming, click here

Attached Entity removal:

I could write a whole post on this topic alone and at some point I will, but here I will give just a brief description. An entity can be anything from a human spirit that has not crossed over to a demon. It is important to note that there are very few real demonic possessions on earth. It is statically 2% of all possessions that are demonic. Everything else is an entity that has decided the person or place they have attached themselves is their safe place. Entities attach to humans for 2 main reasons 1. They feel comfortable with that person because there is something they have in common with them and 2. They were sent to that person.

Let me break that down for you: Entities that feel comfortable with a person do so because they have something in common with them. For example, you are not friends you don’t have anything in common with and your friends are people who share similar interests and hobbies etc. When an entity feels comfortable it is because there is something about the person that reminds the entity of themselves. The thing they have in common is usually similar pain or hurt. So to speak they are vibrating on the same level. Most of the time the entity that attaches to a person because they think they are helping this person. They think that because they have been through similar trauma that they are acting as a support group for the person they are attached to. In the mind of the entity attached, they are helping both the person they are attached to and themselves. Removing these entities and sending them home as I like to call it, is just as it sounds. They are removed from the person and sent “home” to the dimension they came from. If this entity is a passed human that is stuck on earth for whatever reason then they are sent to the other side and return to the light. All of this on later posts, but for now that is what you need to know. Entity removal is easy enough to do but it requires a knowledge and understanding of what to do. Sometimes these attached entities cause what looks like illness. They will feel like illness and the person they are attached to and they will appear sick, but these illnesses are not detectable like normal illnesses. When an entity is removed the issues associated with them go as well.

The other reason and entity would be attached to someone is because it was purposely sent to them. How does one send an entity to someone? There are several methods to do this from a multitude of traditions and cultures and each of them is very legit. Mentioning this totally flows into my next section. If you think you are dealing with an attached entity then please do not hesitate to reach out to either myself at or the amazing team at

Black or ill intentioned magic reversal:

Black magic is any kind of magic that is intended to cause harm. Most common is that an entity is sent to the person to make them ill or to block them from prosperity. Ill-intentioned magic is easily removed with some skill and knowledge, but one has to know what they are up against and therefore how to remove it.  Ill-intentioned magic and the entities they send are sometimes, albeit rarely the cause of the discomfort or disease. It is for this reason that if you truly suspect that you are afflicted with a spiritual disease originating from ill-intentioned magic that finding a legitimate healer or magic worker. There are, as I stated before countless frauds that prey upon people’s lack of knowledge and fears. Sometimes a spiritual disease is caused by an internal energy imbalance that can easily be fixed with acupuncture, reiki or a simple chakra alignment and energy reset. It is not uncommon for a fraud healer to tell their clients that they are suffering from black magic or demonic entity when they are in fact dealing with something much simpler. Still others are quick to convince people that they are suffering from black magic when there is absolutely nothing wrong with them other than a little bad luck. Be aware and trust your gut. If it doesn’t sound right or someone contacts you out of the blue saying they know you are sick etc then be cautious. If you are concerned that you have been suffering from black magic then please do not hesitate to email me at

Soul Reattachment Therapy:

Every living person deals with some kind of trauma in their life be it big or small. Trauma effects each person differently and some things are so dramatic that it literally takes a piece of who you are. Soul attachment therapy pulls the pieces that were taken from you and puts them back where they belong. This is easily done, but it usually takes several sessions before real results are felt. There are few healers that know how to do this, and even fewer that know what it is, but regardless it is still vital that one finds a healer that knows what they are doing and can facilitate properly. This kind of healing requests the help of archangels to call upon energy from the most high to return a human soul back to completion while it is on earth. I personally have experience with this healing and I can attest that it should be reserved for people who have literally been through hell and back. Here is the website of a team of healers.

Controlling Spiritual Gifts:

A spiritual gift is anything having to do with the supernatural or metaphysical. Things like prophetic dreams, visions, seeing spirits or being able to talk to them, seeing entities, reading tarot, reading palms, reading auras, feeling energy off each other, and being able to move energy in general are all what are considered spiritual gifts. All of the above are powerful gifts and tools that can be used to help and heal the world. However if people do not know what is they are experiencing then they will never know how to harness that energy. Most people are somewhat aware that they possess some kinds of gifts but they are convinced that they are wrong, evil or totally false. Usually these kinds of ideas are taught by parents, religious groups and peers etc. It is important to note that none of the gifts listed above or any others for that matter are not weird or wrong. A spiritual gift that is not trained is an untapped energy in the body. If this untapped energy is allowed to run rampant in the body then it can the cause of the many energetic issues and unrest some people experience. For example, someone who has prophetic dreams might also wake up with horrible and unexplained headaches. These headaches will not be relieved until the spiritual gifts are handled. This does not mean that one needs to develop their gifts to the point where they are able to call upon them on demand and it also does not mean that one must even train them at all. Some people feel their gifts are too much and are simply overwhelmed by them. It is perfectly normal and healthy to wish to turn them off, so to speak. This can be done with simple meditation techniques for some. For others there may be more complicated steps needed to achieve this gift deactivation. As with other spiritual or natural medicines practices it is vital that you find someone who is qualified and experienced in both development and de-activation. For a detailed list of psychic gifts and links to what they entail click here:

Color Therapy:

As I discussed earlier in this post energy can be measured on the color spectrum. It is not a crazy jump to think that color can also be used to manipulate the energy of the body. Mostly this energy manipulation technique is used when working with the chakras or Subtle Energy hubs in the body. But more on this in a later spirituality 101 post. Color therapy works by introducing either visible light spectrum waves as well as invisible light spectrum waves to the body either visually or through electronic means. This can alter the Subtle Energy flowing through the body by encouraging different color combinations internally and therefore different energy reactions.

For more on Color Therapy check out

Sound therapy:

Sound Therapy works through using sound waves to alter the energy flow of the body. Sound Therapy can be used by playing different tones or frequencies over the body or near it, “bathing” the body in sound waves. This can be done through music, chanting or most popular with Gongs, sound bowls, chimes and tuning forks. The combination of sound waves or music can alter the Subtle Energy of the body by changing the types of energy flowing through it. More on this in a later post.

For more on this check out:

Hope this post was helpful and insightful. Reach out if you have any questions comments or concerns:

Blessings to all and remember; Vibrate Higher


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