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A Protection Talisman: The Spirit Cloak

May 07, 2018 0 comments
A Protection Talisman: The Spirit Cloak

Protection Spell - Talisman Enchantment


Talismans come in many forms. The most common is an amulet or charm, usually a pendant or stone or jewel worn around your neck or carried in your pocket. But other articles of clothing can have talismanic value too. Think Harry Potter and that nifty blanket that rendered him invisible.

Of course, much as some of us would love to, we can't go traipsing about wrapped in a blanket at all times, can we? Or even a good old-fashioned cloak. It's just not fashionable. And sometimes it's too warm for that.

But enchanting a cloak or the right length of cloth that is a physical thing but worn in spirit (astral) form can be done. The Working is fairly simple.

What you will need

A cloak, large cloth, shawl or blanket that you can wrap around yourself. It should cover you almost completely. It should be dark in color, black or gray is best. Mystical symbols of protection such as the pentagram are a bonus. Make sure it is clean in the mundane sense. Well before you begin the Working below. cleanse the cloak of any negativity with smoke from sage or purifying incense.

Protection incense. Hellebore works very well, but it's hard to find even the dried herb to make incense with. Various protection incenses are available, conveniently pre-mixed. I recommend loose incense for this Working, to be burned in a fireproof cauldron, bowl, or incense burner. Check the instructions, you may need to have separate special charcoal to keep the incense burning. Stick incense will work, but you'll want to have several sticks burning at once.

black pillar candleBlack candle. The average, non-magickal person always seems to assume that black candles are evil and a sign of some kind of devil worship or something. Black candles are probably still (somehow, and how is a mystery to me!) the best kept secret of the Craft. They are used for banishing negative energies and entities, and for protection. For this spell I recommend a good-sized pillar candle, or a seven-day jar candle. You'll want to keep this candle and relight it when your cloak needs an extra jolt of magick.

Blessed water. You can prepare blessed water yourself, or purchase it from a reputable dealer. I've been known to use holy water from a church if absolutely necessary, and for this spell that would be fine. As a working witch, it's something you should just have on hand.

Black salt. Not as hard to find as it once was.  A good occult store should carry it, possibly pre-blessed and prepared for spellwork.

Tools: Athame or wand.

Miscellaneous: a safe container, burner, or holder for incense. Small bowls for the blessed water (you'll just need a sprinkling), and the salt (same idea, a tablespoon or two will do). Don't forget matches!


The Working

Cast a Working Circle. 

I cannot emphasize enough how important a circle is, especially when you are first practicing witchcraft. Keeping random energies out of your work without a circle is just about impossible when going through any multi-step process. Refer to How to Cast a Circle if you need instructions or to refresh your memory.

Invoke all four natural elements (and an appropriate form of Spirit* if you choose). Anchor your circle.


Any items that are not already blessed (such as blessed water and possibly the black salt), should be exorcised. With your athame or wand (or index finger), trace a banishing pentagram over the item as you say something like:

I exorcise these creatures of the elements, banishing all negativity. I bless them to my use in the service of Magick (and Spirit), for making of a cloak of protection.  

Visualize a bright light blasting any nastiness away and leaving behind good, clean energy for use in your protection spell.

Enchanting the Spirit Cloak

Salt: Spread the cloak out on the ground, walk around it deosil (clockwise) as you sprinkle salt lightly over the fabric, concentrating on the comfort and protection of earth and home (the home of your heart, where you feel safe and comfortable). Say something like, "By the salt of the earth and the comforts of home I imbue this cloak with safety and tranquility for myself in times of need. As I will it, so mote it be."

Incense: Gather the cloak in your arms and carry it over the incense. Think of how it would feel if you could just travel quickly and invisibly away from any stressful or dangerous situation. Try to get the smoke to touch the fabric everywhere as you say, "By the speed of the wind and the power of thought, I imbue this cloak with protection for myself in times of need. As I will it, so mote it be."

CandleLet the light of the candle touch the cloak everywhere. Think of warmth and safety on the coldest nights, of a guiding light to show you the way in darkness, as you say, "By the flame of inspiration and the warmth of love, I imbue this cloak with guidance for myself in times of need. So mote it be."

water dropsWater: Spread the cloak out on the ground again, travel around it deosil and lightly sprinkle the fabric with blessed water as you say, "By the swift flow of the mountain stream and the mysteries of the deepest lakes, I imbue this cloak with the ability to hide my heart and mind safely in times of need. As I will it, so mote it be." 

Fold the cloak up safely and release your circle. The enchantment is done.

How to use the Spirit Cloak

There are two ways to use the enchanted cloak you have prepared. The first is to simply use it in its physical form. If it's fashionable and it's cold out, why not just wear it? You can also keep it to wrap around yourself when you need some extra comfort and feelings of safety.

The second way to use this cloak is what it is actually enchanted for: to wear it on the astral plane. If you are about to go into a dangerous situation or have a stressful day ahead, before you leave home, wrap the cloak around yourself for a while. Wear it in this way for as long as you can. Consciously appreciate the way it feels around you, the weight of it, the warmth. When you need to leave your room or home, simply let the cloak fall to the ground behind you, walking out of it physically but keeping it on in your mind so that it is there on a psychic level.

Even if you didn't traipse around in the cloak all morning, it is in your astral closet, so to speak. If you unexpectedly get into a situation where you feel you need a little extra protection, imagine reaching into the spirit world, grabbing your cloak, and putting it on.

Any time you feel the Spirit Cloak needs an extra boost, light the black candle and hang the cloak so that the light of the candle shines upon it, recharging it with safety and comfort. KEEP THAT CANDLE FOR THAT PURPOSE ONLY.

* Do your research in selecting a face of Deity. The Judeo-Christian form of God is perfectly acceptable for a protection spell.

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