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Basic Love Spell  - Charm for Passionate Love

roses champagne.pngEvery witch has her own little nuances and preferences and specialties. One of my specialties is spellworking for talismans, amulets, and charms. These are literal, physical things that you hold in your hand or wear on your person that are imbued with magick.

This Working is for a Charm to bring you Passionate love.

We all need love in our lives.  But "love" is a small word for a really big concept. So let's get real: When someone comes to me looking for a love spell, they usually want a specific person to fall head over heels for them and be their willing se--- erm, I mean love slave.

I'm not going to say it can't be done, but I won't tell you how to do it. As I tell anyone asking for something like that: BAD IDEA.

Just because you might have a passionate yen for a particular person, it doesn't mean you should have that kind of power over that person's free will. Even the darkest witches will hesitate before performing that sort of magick. First of all, it's just plain abusive. On a more practical note, it tends to backfire badly in ways you can't even imagine.

A better plan is to call love (and I do mean sexy, romantic love here) to you, in whatever form that should take for the happiness of everyone involved. Maybe the one that's making you pant right now is perfect. Maybe he or she would make you miserable later. Maybe someone that you haven't even noticed yet would make you very happy. So, open yourself to the possibilities. The universe works in weird ways.

red dressA good love spell requires a bit of trust that the universe knows something you don't. A good love spell should also last more than one night.

I mean "day."  Or whatever.

So here it is: how to make a literal charm or talisman, something physical that you can carry (or preferably wear close to your heart), that is charged with spellwork to bring the kind of love you are looking for to you.

Let me make this clear: This charm is to attract romantic love. We're talking passion and sex and low-grade mutual obsession that matures into something real. If you just need a little more of the warm fluffies in your life (a good thing!), this is not the spell. You can find a spell for that just about anywhere.


What you will need:

I strongly recommend casting a circle for any kind of spellwork. If you need instructions on circle casting, please refer to the previous article in this series, which has specific instructions. So, for starters, you need everything necessary for you to cast a solid, Working circle.

Recommended tools: Athame or wand; caudron or other bowl made of natural material and used for ritual purposes, and another similar bowl. The cauldron/bowl needs to be large enough to hold all the ingredients. The second bowl can be tiny, it just needs to hold some oil.

Incenses: rose and myrrh


Deep red

Gold (to attract a male) or Silver (to attract a female). Or if you really don't care, get both.


Rose petals, dry, a small handful.

Juniper or bayberry, about a teaspoon if dry herbs, six drops if oil (group 1)

Mandrake (to attract a male) or jasmine or honeysuckle (to attract a female); or both (if you really don't care which one you get).  Again about a teaspoon or six drops. (group 2)

The point here is to bring into your spell the energies of the herbs mentioned. You need at least the rose petals in dried herb form. You need 2 oils, but they can be from either group. For the rest, either dried herbs or oils will work.

You will also want a pinch of brimstone and about a tablespoon of earth from a place you think of as home, or where you feel perfectly at home. If you have to choose, choose the one that makes you happiest.

A bit of olive oil or mineral oil, about a tablespoon.

carnelianThe talisman: cherry amber or carnelian or a Seal of Venus amulet from the Lesser Key of Solomon. I strongly recommend a pendant that you can wear close to your heart.

You will also want a (preferably) dark red cloth bag, big enough for a deck of cards to fit comfortably in. It should have a drawstring that can be pulled tight.

Last but not least, a personal touch. If you are perfectly okay with adding a drop of your own blood to the mix when the time comes, that's great. You can also use a bit of hair or even fingernail clippings, though I wouldn't advise the last. (Cautionary note: such a personal item can easily be used against you magickally, so keep an eye on it, okay?)

Further note: some people will automatically categorize any use of blood as "black magick." I don't agree. If it's willingly given and for a good purpose, I don't have a problem with it. This is a personal call, and always yours to make. I find that being willing to make a small sacrifice like that puts an extra charge into the spell. 


ALWAYS READ THROUGH THE INSTRUCTIONS SEVERAL TIMES BEFORE YOU BEGIN A WORKING SO THAT YOU ARE SURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED. (For instance, you're going to need candle holders and incense burners and things like that.)

Cast a Circle

I strongly recommend casting a circle for any kind of spellwork. For some background on a Witch's Circle, it's meaning and purpose, please refer to "How to Cast a Circle."

Make sure you have everything you need for the spellwork before the circle is cast.

This spell does require the evocation of all four elements.

Invoking Spirit (for those who choose to)

For this Working you will want to invoke a form of Spirit associated with passionate love. Venus or Aphrodite will do. The Goddess in her mother form is fine (after all, she got to be a mother somehow, right?) There are other faces of Deity associated with love and romance, not all of them female. Do a bit of research to figure out which one fits best for you.

From this point on, when I use the word "Spirit," substitute the name of the Deity you are working with.

Exorcise your ingredients


Yes, you read that right. With your wand or athame (or your index finger), with the help of the elements (and Spirit) present in your circle, draw a banishing pentagram over the ingredients and say something like:

By earth, air, fire and water (and Spirit) I exorcise these creatures of the elements, banishing from them all negativity. I bless them to my use in the service of Magick (and Spirit, in whatever form), to help me bring the love I desire into my life. 

Putting the Spell Together

Light the incense and get it smoking nicely.

Have the earth in your cauldron or bowl. Have the olive oil in a small bowl.

Set the red candle to the south of the grouping, the gold/silver candle to the north. They don't get lit yet. They can just lie down for now.

Set the other ingredients out in front of you so that they surround the talisman. Ideally, the rose petals should be to the west, as they have a very strong association with water and emotion.

With your ingredients in front of you, take a few minutes (or longer) to visualize the kind of love you want coming into your life. Try not to think of a specific person. Think of the touch you desire, the excitement and passion you want. Focus on how these things make you feel. Imagine being involved with someone who gives you all that and more, who won't abuse or misuse you. If you need to hold yourself or anything like that, do so. Bring those feelings, both physical and emotional, into your consciousness as strongly as you can. When you are filled with those feelings, cup your hands together over your chest, about even with your heart, and pour all those feelings into your hands. Imagine those feelings becoming a ball of glowing light, probably fiery, definitely warm. When the image of that ball of light is clear in your mind, gently place that light over the ingredients you have gathered and brought into this sacred space, and imagine the light bathing them, being absorbed by them. Visualize that light, those feelings, imbuing all of the ingredients and settling in, warm and happy. Give it some time as you hold your hands over the herbs/oils, earth and brimstone. Bring your hands down to rest on the items if you feel that's right, and release any energy still in your hands into the spell ingredients.

Thank the elements and spirit for helping you with this step.

Now, take a moment to just breathe. More concentration is soon to be needed. Try to keep your mind clear at this point. All the longing and emotions have been transferred to the spell ingredients, you don't have to hold onto them any more.

rose petals dryWith your athame or wand or finger, stir the earth clockwise 3 times, paying attention to the motion, taking your time. Think of the happiness and safety of home as you do this. Put your tool down. Add the brimstone. Stir three times, thinking of the trials that love always brings, just a bit of bitterness in all that wonder. Put the tool down.

Got the rhythm? Stir three times, put the tool down each time. Think of the following:

Rose petals: love, passion, emotional flow.

Juniper or bayberry: the sharpness of longing and excitement when you're in love.

Mandrake/jasmine/honeysuckle: the qualities you want in a lover, the kind of person you are attracted to and who is good for you.

Note for oils: only add 3 drops at this time. You'll be using the other 3 in a moment.

By now you should have some ash from the burning incense. Add that in the same way, stirring thrice, thinking of the warmth of love, the fires of passion.

To the bowl with your base oil (usually olive oil), add the other three drops of each oil, thinking about all the sticky delights of intimate love.

Now you're fingers are going to get a little oily. I suggest having a dish towel handy. Dipping a couple of fingers into the oil mix, anoint each of the candles. Concentrate on Spirit and on all the love you have to give to the right person. Anoint each candle from the bottom to the middle, then the top to the middle if at all possible. (I generally use tapers. If you are using votives or tea lights, do your best, keeping the idea of putting energy into the candles in mind.)

If there is leftover oil, and if it isn't so much that it'll make a muddy mess, you can pour it into the cauldron too.

Last, add that bit of yourself. As you do, very intentionally say:

This is from me, this is for me, I deserve all that I am willing to give. I give love, I deserve love, SO MOTE IT BE.

Rest for a moment. While resting, it's always a good idea to think of the elements (and Spirit) being with you in this sacred space to help you, and feeling your gratitude to them.

When you are rested and your mind is clear, fill the cloth bag with all the ingredients in the cauldron. This is where reading the instructions ahead of time comes in handy. If you've thought it through, everything should fit nicely.

Now this is a slightly tricky part, so you need to think it through ahead of time. The talisman itself needs to be bathed in the smoke from the incense and the flame from the candles, then added into the bag. When the Working is done, you will want to place the bag between the two (or three) candles as they sit North and South of it, and let the candles BURN ALL THE WAY OUT.

You may want to light the candles, pass the talisman through their flames, then put them out for now. Ideally, you will do all of this in a spot where you can just let everything stay exactly where it is until the candles are done. That is rarely possible. If you need to put out the candles until you get everything to a SUPER SAFE place to leave candles burning unattended, simply do so with the conscious intention that they will be lit again soon.

By the way, a bathtub is often the best place to leave candles burning if you really can't keep an eye on the them whole time. A deep sink is good too.

red candleThe talisman: Light the candles. Hold the talisman in your hands for a moment, appreciating the candlelight on it, the warmth of the color of the stone or the power of the symbolism, depending on what you have chosen. Pass the item through the incense smoke so it gets good and smoky, so that love and the healing power of love are left on the item by way of the incense smoke. Pass it through the candle flames a bit slowly, imagine them passing their warmth and fiery nature to the item.

Slip the item into the bag with all the other ingredients, and draw the string tightly.

Okay, the Working is done. Rest again if you can/should, then release your circle. Remember to burn the candles with the charm bag between them as instructed. Any wax left over from the candles can also be added into the bag.

You should keep the Love Charm in that little mojo bag until you are ready to wear it. If you must take it off, put it back in the bag. This will keep the energy of this Love Charm refreshed.

Blessings now and always,

Lady D

MUSE claw


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