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How To Use Black Salt for Witchcraft 

Black Salt

Black salt is a blend of salt used for ritualistic purposes in Voodoo, Hoodoo & Santeria, Paganism and Witchcraft.
It is used for absorbing negative energy so there for it is used for Uncrossings's, Banishing's, ridding Negative energy or people and Protection.

Most ways to use black salt include-
~Sprinkling it in doorways and windows to keep negative energies and people away
~Keeping it in a dish under your bed for protection from bad dreams and keeping negative spirits away
~Adding it to floor wash to cleanse your home from negative energy
~Using it when making candles to burn to keep negativity away 
~Keeping it in your desk at work to deflect bullies, slander and bad co workers.

Because of its use to absorb negative energy once it has done its job it is important to discard it by burying it, blowing it into the wind or casting it into a river or fire.

Happy Witching 

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