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Wiccan Chalice 

We carry a wide variety of chalices and goblets which are commonly used in Wiccan rituals and ceremonies as well as in general witchcraft. 

What Does The Wiccan Chalice represent?

Wiccan chalice serves as a representation of the feminine energies and holds the Element of Water. Though it can be filled with wine or other liquids during rituals. The chalice serves to remind us of the Goddess during the Great Rite,. In rituals that do not involve a Great Rite, the chalice is often passed around the circle, containing wine, water, or some other liquid to be ritualistically sipped, the remainder generally being spilled onto the ground as an offering to the Gods.

How To Choose Your Chalice

As the Wiccan Chalice is a pure representation of the Divine Feminine, the type of chalice that you choose for your rituals should be in accordance with your perception of what would most suit the Goddess as you know Her. For example, if you feel that your Chalice must be made of silver because, to you, the Goddess is best attuned to silver, then by all means, purchase a silver chalice.



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